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The man, the myth, the legend. Some call him flower man, Nikki calls him other things but we won’t go into that here. It’s very rare that Russell will stop and smell the roses, he is constantly on the go. Delivering from early morning to late evening, errands, maintenance, customer friendships, building relations with local businesses, networking, can do, will do, have done - this man is full of positivity and energy. He always ensures the team are fed and watered with a constant stream of yummy treats. If you see him in the van, give him a wave and know that the only tune playing on repeat is Yellow Roses sung by his crush, Dolly Parton.


Nikki, along with her husband Russell, is the owner of West Malling Flowers. She is the powerhouse behind the shop’s growth and is the top bloom in the bunch. Always working, when not creating a spreadsheet at home she can be found either in the office working alongside her Mum, Linda, or supporting the girls in the shop. Nikki sits on the board of the British Florist Association and is hugely respected within the industry for her wide-ranging knowledge. The local community benefit from Nikki’s help and input with charity days and special events. On the rare occasions when Nikki does relax, she grabs her hairbrush, uses it as a microphone and mimes along to Bed of Roses by Bon Jovi.


Shelly is our longest serving team member, she took root on our first opening day, 11 years ago. Shelly has a loyal customer base thanks to her incredible floristry skills, whether she is working with fresh flowers, silk or dried flowers her arrangements are always exceptional. Many local businesses rely on Shelly for a standout “reception” design and her part in our team is invaluable. When not thinking of all things flowers, Shelly dances like no one is watching – you ought to see the moves she makes to Flowers by Sweet Female Attitude!


Can you guess Hollie's favourite season? Yep, you're right it’s Summer; please don’t ever mention Winter, especially Christmas, to Hollie. Our happy Hollie has been a florist for 15 years and we were thrilled when she joined us last July. “Hatbox Hollie” has a passion for creating stunning hatbox arrangements and is always coming up with new and creative ideas, this girl is no wallflower. Luckily for us Hollie is also an expert chocolate brownie maker and she wants you all to know her favourite song is Tiptoe Through the Tulips, sung in Tiny Tim style.


Crystal is just ahead of Ayla in the age stakes, she’s in the flower of her youth! Having recently completed her level 3 qualification at Hadlow College, Crystal has gone from her “Saturday girl” role to a full-time team player, rising to every floristry challenge we put to her. Crystal is forever smiling and is delightful with customers. Her other key attribute is the steady stream of chocolate chip cookies that she brings into work. Being of a certain age, Crystal’s morning alarm is Supermarket Flowers by good old Ed Sheeran.


Ayla is the youngest in the team and is about to qualify, we are all so excited for her, as from a young age floristry has been her passion. Always fresh as a daisy, relaxed and fun, we love having Ayla in the shop; we think she is “one to watch” on the circuit as her thoughts and ideas are inspired. Ayla is the party girl in the team - never content with going out, she goes “out out” with her fantastic gang of girlfriends. Ayla is way too young for any classic flower songs but despite its dark undertones, still fondly recalls singing Ring a Ring of Roses as a nipper!


Sian isn't one for letting the grass grow under her feet, she is constantly creating and coming up with fresh, modern ideas. As well as designing daily bouquets and arrangements, Sian is also our Wedding and Events Manager. Nothing gets her giddier than Linda roaring down the stairs “Sian, bride on line 2”. She loves working alongside happy couples, bringing to life their floral vision for their wedding day. Sian also hosts regular floristry workshops in store and has a fanbase that would be the envy of many a florist. Her biggest loves are her husband and their gorgeous little boy, Noah. Sian believes his favourite lullaby is Daisy Bell which she sings relentlessly.


Jodie is our freelance "help, we need back up" florist. If our workload is looking daunting, we get on the phone to Jodie who happily nips all our fears in the bud. Forever smiling and cheery, she is the master of a statement bouquet, her floral tributes are beautiful and her luxurious, festive wreaths add cheer to local restaurants and her customer’s front doors. Jodie’s all-time favourite bouquet was her own; she created a magical, cascading bouquet that wowed her guests when she tied the knot with her handsome beau, Jack. Whilst Jodie works, she often loudly whistles Life is a Flower by her favourite band, Ace of Base.


Linda is retired but works full time! The lovely Linda is the voice of West Malling Flowers. With her phone headset firmly in place (yes, she has gone home on a Friday with it still entwined in her hair), she answers the continuous flow of calls and will guide and advise customers on their choice of bouquet or arrangement, whatever the occasion. After 40 years in the floristry industry Linda has a headful of flower and plant knowledge and is nowhere near pushing up the daisies ~ she is also darn good at making cakes and sausage rolls for the team. Linda’s favourite song is Build Me Up Buttercup which she belts out daily at 3pm from the office window.


Becca has joined us recently and we are so darn lucky to have her on board. Becca creates the prettiest arrangements, they really set the heather alight! If peonies are requested, she is known to throw a few star jumps and high kicks in celebration - they are her favourite flower. Becca recently returned to work after taking time off to enjoy the arrival of her gorgeous little boy, Harry. When not working and enjoying "me time", Becca heads straight for a spa day, whilst there she likes nothing better than recreating the song Edelweiss from The Sound of Music, running across the lawns singing loudly and swooshing around in her spa dressing gown.




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